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WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH NOAA? Or: Trouble in the Un-Regulated Community –  A RESPONSE TO THE OUT-TO-CATCH-THE-LAST-FISH TALKING POINT –  The Financialization of the Fisheries – THE OCEAN BUBBLE -FROM KODIAK ALASKA ON CATCH SHARES –  EDF, The China Fishery, and The Theft Of A Vital Resource –  CLEAN SWEEP – Catch Shares or ITQ “Success Stories”, International  –  Stock Assessments and Other Funding Atrocities -SAFELY-OUT-TO-SEA: Windmills, the Invisible Fishing Industry, and U.S. Energy  – New Zealand and ITQ’s. SOLIDARITY: A Response To A Divisive Missive –  A STACKED DECK – Catch Shares Are Illegal: CATCH SHARES aka ITQ’S aka RESOURCE THEFT –  The Great Fish Crisis Fraud –  Outing Corporate Money, Eco-Corporate Good Ol’ Boys – THE RIGHT TO KNOW –  Winners, Whiners, and Corporate Shill LIARS.

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