DFO undertaking major hiring wave for enforcement officers

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is looking to hire more enforcement officers in departments all across Canada. In a hiring notice posted on Friday DFO indicated they need more staff in all seven of the nation’s fisheries. No word yet on how many positions they are looking to fill. Once fully trained DFO enforcement officers make between $66,610-$75,733 per year (DFO salaries are currently under review). Fisheries Critic and South Shore-St.Margarets MP Rick Perkins, “Since the first Trudeua government, there has been an increase in DFO executive positions from 65 to 178, with all those earning the highest pay available in the DFO.”. He wonders why that is nessecary as more fisheries have closed in that period. >click to read< 08:14

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