F/V Captain Billy Haver: Virginia Man Sentenced for Assault, Murdering Co-Worker on Scallop Boat

On Sept. 23, 2018, F/V Captain Billy Haver scalloping vessel was sailing approximately 50 miles off the Nantucket coast with seven crew members, including Meave Vasquez and his three future victims, prosecutors said. While working inside the shucking house, officials said that Meave Vasquez used a hammer to strike his first victim in the head, knocking him unconscious. As part of his guilty plea, Meave Vasquez admitted that he then walked onto the deck and stabbed a second victim repeatedly with a long fishing knife, at which point a third man climbed up from the ice hold and was struck in the head with the hammer. Prosecutors said that the third victim fell back down the ladder with a head wound into the ice hold, which Meave Vasquez closed and covered with a heavy basket of scallops to prevent the third crew member from escaping. Meave Vasquez was then confronted by the ship’s captain, who he stabbed during a struggle, then climbed on top of the rigging of the boat with the suspect hammer. >click to read< 07:07

Press Release from the Department of Justice>click to read<

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