Video – Outside Lobbyists Vs. Hard Data on the Right Whale Issue in Maine

For those who cannot commit to a 20+ minute presentation on the war on our fishermen: Can you spare just 5 minutes? Here is a scene from the new short film “2023” which includes some details that have been missing from your local newscasts. Click the image to watch, 12:18

One Response to Video – Outside Lobbyists Vs. Hard Data on the Right Whale Issue in Maine

  1. Joel says:

    This horse shit has been going on for decades. NOAA/NMFS aided and abetted by the lame stream media has been on a crusade to destroy the commercial fishing industry in order to get fisherman off the water to make room for these giant corporations, mostly foreign, to invade and take over everything that has sustained our nation. We are being invaded by hostile foreign entities. From our sovereign borders to our oceans and lands. Chinese buying lands next to our most sensitive military bases. Aided by our elected officials who turn a blind eye and continually allow it to happen. Are you friggin kidding? Way to go Joe.
    These so called environmental groups use these corporations as a cash cow to further destroy and further their own utopian visions as to how things should be. They drove me out of doing what was a lifelong occupation. 46 years worth.
    I made a decision that I was not going to play along with their idiotic games.

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