Fishermen Protest Against Kyaukphyu Seaport

Fishermen aboard 120 boats protested along the Thanzit River against the Maday Island deep seaport in Arakan State on Monday, as authorities have banned them from fishing in a stretch of water now reserved for international cargo ships docking at the port.,, Chinese-owned oil tankers began docking at the seaport in early May to transport the oil through Maday terminal to the China-Burma border. Authorities told locals that the oil tankers would dock at the port three times each week, according to Aung Naing Win. But residents of Maday Island said at least six or seven ships arrived within one week, and another five shops are waiting to dock. Local fishermen have been restricted from catching fish near the mouth of the river where the ships dock. “As villagers are finding it harder to earn a living by fishing, they are seeking to earn money by cutting mangroves. Click here to read the story 18:49

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