Central Coast Fishing Industry and Castle Wind LLC Announce Formation of New Mutual Benefits Corporation

The Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Organization, the Port San Luis Commercial Fisherman’s Association, and Castle Wind LLC (C, a joint venture between Trident Winds Inc. and TotalEnergies Renewables USA, are pleased to announce the formation of the Morro Bay Lease Areas Mutual Benefits Corporation. The purpose of the Morro Bay MBC is to facilitate communication, coordination, and cooperation between the California Central Coast commercial fishing industry and offshore wind project developers, as well as to provide financial resources in furtherance of California Coastal Act policies. Morro Bay MBC creates a pathway for the industry to demonstrate to the fishermen and fishing communities, to BOEM, and to the California Coastal Commission, the commitment of project developers to responsible offshore wind development that protects and supports a sustainable commercial fishing industry. >click to read< 10:30

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