US offshore wind energy industry faces blowback from locals

Plenty of people in Ocean City, a popular beach community south of Atlantic City, are dead-set against a project proposed by Orsted and PSEG that still needs state approval to bring a power line onshore. “We don’t want this here in any way, shape or form,” said resident Suzanne Hornick, a leader of local opposition to the plan. The U.S. has 27 wind farm projects in development, with an additional five locations up for auction in California next month, according to the Business Network for Offshore Wind, a nonprofit dedicated to helping develop the offshore wind industry. If even a small portion of them were to face protracted legal or regulatory challenges, it could pose a serious obstacle to the industry. >click to read< 11:02

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  1. Brick Wenzel says:

    Why is the Environmental organizations not concerned about the paving of the bays’ floor with cement and plastic? Because many including educational institutions have received money to do studies or are waiting for the mitigation funds. BTW- The sowing of eel grass has over a 95% mortality rate thus is more detrimental to the seagrass to repopulate it in areas by taking it from heathy beds.

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