Bomb Damaged Crabber Rebuilt

F/V Galwad-Y-Mor has fished from Grimsby for many years and was 20 miles north of Cromer in December 2020 when the crew reported to the skipper that there was unusually high tension on the back rope, indicating that the gear had snagged on an obstruction in a water depth of around 30 metres. Before the crew could take any further action, what is now believed to have been a 250kg bomb dating back to the Second World War detonated directly beneath the hull, triggering a massive shock wave. Galwad-Y-Mor is believed to have dropped 6-7 metres into the gas bubble generated by the explosion, with the vessel thrown sharply back to the surface as the bubble filled. The result was massive damage to the vessel and all of the crew were hurt – with some of them receiving life-changing injuries. photos, >click to read< 10:59

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