NOAA proposes hammering 208% of vanishing Right Whales

Okay it is a trick headline because they can only hammer 100% of the severely endangered North Atlantic Right Whale population. The point is that NOAA is proposing, for offshore wind development, to authorize a horrific 706 cases of physical harassment of Right Whales, whose dwindling population is down to just 340 magnificent critters. The average whale will get hammered roughly twice. The Right Whales migrate along the coast twice a year. Migration requires repeatedly running a gauntlet of dangerous offshore wind projects. Most likely some whales will be hit many times. The harassment numbers for each proposed project are listed below. Read the take numbers and weep for the whales. >click to read< by David Wojick, Ph.D., 09:30

One Response to NOAA proposes hammering 208% of vanishing Right Whales

  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Leave Our Oceans and Fish WildLife alone
    We have already destroyed much of the Oceans and it’s Life put Your wind farm up on a mountain

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