Pollution Kill of ’76

In 1976 Gosta “Swede” Lovgren of Point Pleasant N.J. witnessed first hand the destructive effects of a massive Fishkill, caused by an oxygen deprived dead zone that stretched from Long Island south to Atlantic city, and extended 40 to 50 miles to the east. In this article he describes firsthand not only the environmental aspects of the Fishkill, but his efforts to halt ocean sludge dumping. Swede was the leader of the commercial fishermen’s fight against ocean dumping which included filing a $500,000,000 lawsuit against the city of New York. Fascinating reading, well worth your time. >click to read< 09:09

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  1. Nils Stolpe says:

    Borehead –
    Thanks much for running that. I knew “Swede” a little bit, and I have to admit that we butted heads a couple of times, and every time we did I ended up with the more sore head He got his facts right, he had a more extensive background in the mid-Atlantic fisheries, and he had a hard earned and what I later realized was the proper contempt for the so-called fisheries management process. So folks, read this piece, take it to heart, and please keep in mind that in spite of the best (make that “worst”) efforts of the entrenched media, none of the current wind power fiasco belongs to the Republicans or the Democrats. It belongs to a bunch of dead whales and dead dolphins and a hugely bigger bunch of living whales, living dolphins and all of the other critters in the mid-Atlantic. We owe it to them to make sure that anything that every one of these foreign and domestic wind-power corporations is attempting to do in their efforts to industrialize our oceans is fully vetted before any action is taken. That means having peer reviewed scientific proof in hand that those efforts are demonstrably harmless to our inshore, near shore and offshore waters (and keep in mind the vast difference between having that proof in hand and not having any any contrary proof in hand. In spite of all of the blather to the contrary, having proof that the activities that siting, constructing and operating these offshore wind monstrosities-and the huge infrastructure that it will take to support them-will not negatively affect any of our estuarine or ocean ecosystems is dramatically different (and dramatically more costly to prove) from claiming that “we have no proof (yet)” that there are any negative impacts from that development. If Swede was still with us I’m sure he would agree

    • borehead - Moderator says:

      Nils, I was glad Jim Lovgren sent that, because us being newcomers to the industry as citizens, we’ve missed out on a lot, like Swedes work. I sounded like a real smart fisherman with a lot of common sense.

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