A Czech fisherman in Alaska is bringing a taste of the Pacific back home

“Twenty years ago Alaska was super wild,” Vojta says. “The cannery where I worked looked like it was built a hundred years ago, we worked 16-20 hours, I didn’t even speak English. It was very hard.” But as a college kid, he made good money and after returning to the Czech Republic, he confesses he “forgot how hard it was and only remembered the good times and the great money.” “With Alaska, you either go one year to work and never go back or you get addicted, and you never leave,” Vojta says. In his case, Alaska won. After years of working as a fisherman there, Vojta started to invest in his own vessels and eventually focused on his dream of bringing quality salmon home to the Czech Republic through his company, Alaskan Fisherman. 11 Photos, >click to read< 18:24

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