Ross Greer’s boasts about environmental scheme left in tatters by brutal rebuke from fishermen group

Ross Greer’s boasts about the “astounding success” of an environmental project seen as a precursor to the hated highly-protected marine areas have been left in tatters following a brutal rebuke from a fishermen group. The Scottish Greens MSP paid lavish tribute to a No Take Z one at Lamlash Bay. Mr Greer praised the project at First Minister Questions in May but his comments have been called into question by the Shetland Fishermen’s Association. “Brown crab and juvenile lobster stock levels have fallen in Lamlash Bay, and the increased abundance of scallops has actually been smaller inside the protected zone than outside it. The anti-fishing lobby have long made much of the supposed benefits of Lamlash Bay, but conveniently fail to mention the whole truth – and instead only publicise the cherry-picked information that suits their political agenda.” >click to read< 20:24

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