America Is Finally Spilling Its Shipwreck Secrets

Word had gotten out about a productive patch of scallops in Stellwagen, and a commercial fishing fleet pounced. Smaller coastal boats took to the water, each one dragging a 11.5-foot-wide scallop dredge behind it. So did longer offshore vessels towing two side-by-side dredges, spanning about 30 feet. Over the coming weeks, the armada raked an area of seafloor equal to the size of Boston. Sleeping in shifts, the crews worked nonstop, shucking thousands of scallops released from the dredge in a great clattering whoosh on the wet decks. Watching this all play out, Haskell’s first concern was safety. “They were going back and forth, north and south, basically just barely missing each other,” he recalls. >click to read< 07:48

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