Murphy, Biden continue to ignore serious offshore wind questions | Chris Smith

Because both the Murphy and Biden Administrations are forcing approximately 3,400 ocean wind turbines on us without our input, advice or consent. We say no—enough is enough. Because Murphy and Biden have not answered any of our profoundly serious questions—even dismissing our well-founded concern that sonar mapping of the ocean floor is contributing to the tragic spike in whale and dolphin deaths as ‘disinformation.’ We say no—enough is enough. And because there is absolutely no transparency in this egregiously flawed process—I authored two pieces of legislation that passed the House of Representatives to demand accountability. My first amendment, which passed in late March 244 to 189, tasked the Government Accountability Office—the Congressional watchdog agency—to investigate the ‘sufficiency of the environmental review processes for offshore wind projects…of the Marine Fisheries Service, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and any other relevant Federal agency.’ >>click to read<< 21:41

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  1. Nils Stolpe says:

    Congressman (Chris) Smith has always been a strong supporter of New Jersey’s commercial fishing industrious. With this letter-and with the existential threat that offshore wind “power” posses to the commercial fishing industry as well as the hundreds of millions of other folks who depend on and/or enjoy the East Coast’s marine resources-he is leading the way out of this bureaucratic nightmare that has been unfairly and unthinking imposed upon us by the Trenton and Washington bureaucracies of Governor Murphy (among other “blue state” governors) and President Biden. Support his and his colleagues uphill struggle, because without them it might well be Armageddon for a lot more than a bunch of fishermen.

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