Three Indigenous-owned businesses given leg up into NSW fishing industry in attempt to close the gap

Yuin man Wally Stewart says he has been fighting for 40 years to get his people a seat at the table of the commercial fishing industry on the New South Wales south coast. Today he is a step closer. Mr Stewart is a director of Joonga Land and Water Aboriginal Corporation, one of three Aboriginal community-owned businesses selected by the NSW government to receive support to break into the commercial fishing sector. Mr Stewart is part of a group seeking native title rights over more than 450 kilometres of coastline along the south coast. He hopes to let the Yuin people carry out their cultural fishing practices. “South coast people are coastal people,” he said. “For thousands of years, we’ve relied on our ocean and estuaries for food; our mob were taught to fish and to live and look after our oceans. >>click to read<< 14:45

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