Laurieton community rallies to save sunken historic fishing vessel Pacific Venture

A community is rallying to save a piece of maritime history in northern New South Wales, with efforts underway to save a 60-year-old fishing trawler from a watery grave in a local river.  The sunken Pacific Venture is the last surviving vessel from a fishing fleet built in Laurieton in 1963. Earlier this year it was entrusted to the community, with plans to bring it back to its former glory and put it on display. But the restoration work was yet to begin when a storm tore through the region in late October, and the old boat sank in the Camden Haven River at Laurieton. Former owner Damien Lay said the task was proving challenging but many in the community were still determined to save the old boat. Vide, photos, >>click to read<< 15:58

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