B.C. salmon farms linked to explosive spike in wild fish deaths

Dead juvenile herring with their eyes blown out after getting caught in a hydrolicer

B.C. salmon farms killed more than 800,000 wild fish in 2022, 16 times more than the last decade’s yearly average, federal data shows. The unprecedented spike in aquaculture bycatch accounts for more dead fish in one year than the combined death toll over the previous 10 years. In one graphic example, video captured at a Cermaq facility in Clayoquot Sound shows herring floundering at the surface after getting sucked into a powerful machine meant to remove sea lice from farmed salmon. Stan Proboszcz, a senior scientist at Watershed Watch Salmon Society, said he has never seen anything like it.  “All these herring that went through the hydrolicer had their eyes blown out,” Proboszcz said. “It’s horrific.”  more, photos, >>click to read<< 18:07

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