A trawler skipper’s memory from the deep dredges up intriguing questions

Kit Olver felt his trawling net had snagged something large and unwelcome way in the depths long before he had any physical evidence of it. The note of his deep-sea trawler’s diesel engine deepened, and its exhaust gas temperature rose as it sought the torque to haul against the sudden load. What Olver’s net eventually brought to the surface off South Australia’s south-east coast that day, nine years ago, has bothered him ever since. He hasn’t spoken about it for years. Now, aged 77, with his seagoing years behind him and a couple of heart attacks reminding him that everything, even the chance to unload old secrets, has an expiry date, he wants to air his story. “It was a bloody great wing of a big jet airliner,” he says. He takes a breath, as if confronted by the memory. more, photos, >>click to listen/read<< 06:23

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