‘I’m a fisherman who hasn’t caught a fish in two years because of ridiculous Welsh laws’

It’s a boggy December morning on the Cleddau river and Alun Lewis is tending to his four miniature horses and a few boats moored up on his four acres of land. We’re in the quiet hamlet of Landshipping that looks out onto the large expanse of water which is otherwise only 50 or so feet wide at other times of the year. It is prime time for Alun – one of the world’s last six compass net fishers – to don his waders and float his little handmade 150-year-old wooden boat towards the estuary. Compass net fishing has been in Alun’s family for generations. His grandfather, Dennis Lewis, died in the boat in 1966 after he had a heart attack on the water. He was found by Alun and his father, Glyndwr Lewis, floating on the river in the boat the following morning. Glyndwr, who died last month aged 92, is pictured in the boat with his father and siblings as a small child. photos, more, <<click to read<< 07:01

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