A group of herring fishermen may put a hook in the Biden Administration’s power

Even far out on the open water, where Bill Bright navigates his 140-foot fishing trawler in search of the Atlantic herring that school below the surface, the federal government always feels startlingly within reach. Bright and other captains alert regulators before they push off. A reporting system pings the boat’s location throughout the day. And sometimes Bright must bring a government mandated federal observer on board whose job is to collect data about the catch and ensure the rules are followed. Bright doesn’t mind those regulations. But he and his fellow fishermen are adamantly opposed to a 2020 federal rule that requires them to pay the salary of the observers they bring aboard – adding $700 a day to their costs.  ”But this is not politics to me. This is about what’s right. This is about what’s right for our fishery.” photos, more, >>click to read<< 11:01

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