Amorgos’ pioneering fishermen

Fishermen from the island of Amorgos, the easternmost of the Cyclades, are calling for the establishment of three marine areas where fishing will be banned, as well as a 1.5-nautical mile zone around the island where the ban would apply in April and May – the breeding months for most fish species. Their proposal, which is aimed at the sustainability of fishing and the protection of the environment, now has the necessary scientific basis, as the Agricultural University of Athens has completed and submitted the necessary studies to the state. The initiative of the island’s fishermen, named “Amorgorama,” started about a decade ago. Seeing the fish in their nets becoming increasingly scarce, they banded together and decided not to fish in April and May, but to use their boats during this period to clear inaccessible shores of rubbish. more, >>click to read<< 16:54

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