Sam Parisi asks, How Accurate is NOAA and NOAA Fishery Survey Science?

The agency is not required to compare their results with other independent science. The unproven science may bring concern on the health of fish stocks the industry depends upon. Our Fishermen and Fishing Industry depend on sound science. We need a Magnuson Act Amendment which would require NOAA to compare their science with other independent scientific surveys before any restrictions are placed on, or allocation cuts are enacted.  Thank you, Sam Parisi. (click here to comment) 07:22

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  1. Sam points out one part of the problem for fishermen – that the stock surveys do not accurately reflect the actual populations as observed by fishermen. Perhaps even worse, because of species migration, surveys are not being performed at all and quotas not assigned to the fish now showing up in New England.

    Rather than being required to compare their surveys with other “independent scientific” surveys, how about the Act be amended to require that NOAA correlate their surveys projections with the actual observations by fishermen and women at sea, for which they are being asked to pay the cost.

    Dave Sullivan
    Gloucester MA

  2. Keith Uzzell says:

    Couldn’t agree more I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a green “observer” come on the boat and just fill out random information just to get through the trip. I would also like to suggest that their screening and training of these “observers” be more rigorous and reqire actual fishing experience. If we are paying for these observations captains should be able to interview said “observer” to find out if they actually qualify for the job.

  3. MaryBeth says:

    Please do everything in your power to stop the unchecked and improperly balanced power of NOAA. They do not protect our Ocean. Their only $cience is the one that perpetuates this green scam. You have my help in any way that can possibly work to change this looming outcome of OSW. We fight everyday here in NJ trying to stop this madness. Thank you. MaryBeth Feeney. [email protected]

  4. Oscar navarrete says:

    Look I am forced too take observers on my boat they are undertrained children in most cases that have zero clue what they are doing recording inaccurate data they bring scales they get online that don’t cost ten dollars they measure lengths of fish with a tailors tape also very inaccurate the “estimate” damn near 85% of it and why is the guess of some one who hasn’t been handling fish for a year used as a science that damns my lively hood I had one guy ask me how to tell the difference in sex of a fish um eggs or seamen Sherlock I’ve watched these fools struggle on my boat every year sometimes 3times a yr and I’m forced to take them….. I think they create fish crisis in stocks on the data because if there is no crisis there is no need for them doing away with the crappy science and their jobs…. Noaa is and always will be a joke

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