B.C. seeks $6 million in properties allegedly tied to illegal crab-sales scheme

The B.C. government is seeking forfeiture of properties valued at more than $6 million that it alleges were tied to a scheme to sell illegally crabs that were meant for food for First Nations. In a lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court, the province alleges that two commercial properties in Richmond, a house in Vancouver and a pickup truck, are the instruments and proceeds of “unlawful activity” linked to the illegal crab-sales scheme. Named in the suit are Jamin Chiong, who sold the crab to seafood wholesaler Million Ocean Seafood Ltd., and the owners of that company, Tsz Wah Fok, Peng Lin and Tak Yi Tong. None of those named in the suit have responded and the allegations have not been proven in court. more, >>click to read<< 18:47

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