Coronavirus: B.C. spot prawn prices plummet as Asian markets vanish

An energized crew of a boat named Little Kathy pulled into Ladysmith harbour Friday loaded with live B.C. spot prawns. The crew unloads them as fast as they can, hurrying to get their day’s catch on the next ferry bound for the Lower Mainland. The prawns will ultimately end up in restaurants in Vancouver, one of the few markets remaining for prawn fishermen. “That’s a big change because of what’s going on with export markets,” said fisherman Fraser MacDonald. >click to read<  China Says Samples Of Imported Salmon Tested Positive For COVID-19 –, We’ve been paying close attention to Chinese propaganda since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak,,,  And on Saturday, Bloomberg signal-boosted local reports claiming that imported shrimp from Ecuador had been found to be carrying traces of the virus,,, >click to read< 08:07

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