That Sinking Feeling – The effort to keep Humboldt Bay’s derelict boats from going under

news1-magnumThe sinking of the Dennis Gayle is a success story, perhaps not to boatmakers or historians, but to the people and creatures that call Humboldt Bay home. On the morning of Feb. 28, someone at the Humboldt Bay Forest Products Dock in Fields Landing noticed the Dennis Gayle, which had been moored there for years, was gone. The wood-hulled ship, a repurposed Naval vessel that was once the last boat to whale out of Humboldt Bay before the practice was banned in the 1970s, was lying at the bottom of the bay. No one yet knows exactly why it sank — a sprung plank in the hull is everyone’s best guess — but it didn’t surprise anyone. The Dennis Gayle had been ready to go underwater for years. Read the rest here 15:17

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