Mi’kmaw fishers say DFO officers left them to walk for hours at night after seizing boots, phones

Two Mi’kmaw elver fishermen say they were forced to walk in sock feet for hours along a rural Nova Scotia highway in the middle of the night last week after they were detained by federal fisheries officers who took their boots and phones before releasing them. Blaise Sylliboy and Kevin Hartling, who assert they have a treaty right to fish for the lucrative baby eels despite this year’s season being cancelled, were joined Tuesday morning by dozens of protesters outside the Department of Fisheries and Oceans building in Dartmouth, N.S. “When we were walking, there’s times I’m like, ‘Man, if we stop, we’re going to die,’ because our feet were just soaked,” said Hartling. more, >>click to read<< 06:22

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  1. Jason taylor says:

    Your story on natives walking without boots ,, it’s a far cry from racism as there out illegally fishing eels that are under protection as a mortality rate from over fishing last year left stalks 90% depleted . The boots are a part of the fishing gear, then they get taken , I’m a white guy , been there dun that , been arrested for poaching lobsters 20 years ago , as a guilty person they took my gear just the same and left me to walk in my socks, I didn’t whine about it as I was in the wrong , these natives are notorious for shady activity and are known by maritimers as shi t disturbers , another shot in the dark for attention from the prime minister to try and get to completely kill off the American eels inn the Maritimes , open your eyes and stop covering bullshit, story’s , cause it’s all it is , and I’ll continue to voice my opinion on the subject , and will speak loudly and in interviews if need be , it’s pudding me off ,makes me as a Canadian sick of the two persons justice system in place in Canada ,

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