Now We’re Talkin”! Iron sprinkling project by a “messing around, bumbling guy,” spawned the growth of enormous amounts of plankton. NOAA provided 20 instrument-laden buoys, Claims the agency had been “misled”.

I love this! The scientific community and the econuts are OUTRAGED! Outraged I tell ya! You tell me what you think. Leave a comment.

A California businessman chartered a fishing boat in July, loaded it with 100 tons of iron dust and cruised through Pacific waters off western Canada, spewing his cargo into the sea in an ecological experiment that has outraged scientists and government officials. The entrepreneur, whose foray came to light only this week, even duped the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States into lending him ocean-monitoring buoys for the project. The iron spawned the growth of enormous amounts of plankton, which Mr. George, a former fisheries and forestry worker, said might allow the project to meet one of its goals: aiding the recovery of the local salmon fishery for the native Haida.

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