Gov. DeSantis awards $7.5M to Lee County for shrimp dock rebuild

Nearly two years after Hurricane Ian bashed into Southwest Florida, the area is continuing to recover. Gov. Ron DeSantis is pitching in with $7.5 million to rebuild and refurbish the shrimp dock at San Carlos Maritime Park in Fort Myers. The structure is important not just for commercial fishing but to help in emergency situations after a storm, DeSantis said. “This dual-purpose facility serves as emergency operations site to launch barges and provide a place for shrimp barges to dock,” DeSantis said during a press event at a Home Depot in Fort Myers. “If it’s needed for disaster response it’s going to be able to serve that purpose as well.” more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 09:50

2 Responses to Gov. DeSantis awards $7.5M to Lee County for shrimp dock rebuild

  1. james R Lovgren says:

    While governor DeSantis is helping the fishing industry, New Jersey’s Governor Murderphy, is busy destroying it.

    • borehead - Moderator says:

      Ole Phil is doing a bang-up job, too, that disgusting sell out. It’s all about easy money for their infrastructure financing. It’s all they’ve got to look forward to as we face the Biden recession.

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