US Army Corps Assesses Oyster Crisis-Apalachicola- Chattahoochee-Flint water basin, Since 2005, the Corps has restricted the water flow from Lake Lanier

Eastpoint, Fla. – The last couple of months have been tough on oystermen in Franklin County, and projections look bleak. That’s why stake holders of the Apalachicola- Chattahoochee-Flint water basin invited the Army Corps of Engineers to see the devastation for themselves. The stakeholders say it basically boils down to an unbalanced system. The lack of fresh water is causing oysters to die at a rapid rate, and if you couple that with a lack of funding for research and infrastructure projects, it’s a catastrophe in the works. “There’s nothing out there to look forward to.” Devin Barber, an oysterman of 13 years says this is the worst he’s seen the bay.

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