The Guest Commentary of Ec Newellman – ”Cape Wind Spokesman Mark Rodgers, “Do you have the tea party in Germany?””

Seems they missed this article from two days ago: Germany resists EU plans to slash renewable energy subsidies “A leading Social Democrat warned yesterday (6 November) that the EU planned to investigate German renewable energy discounts for industry, a move that could end up hitting a raft of companies operating in Europe’s biggest economy.” Or this further down: ‘A problem for Europe’ More@ Ec’s column 11:56

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  1. philips66 says:

    Great write up! Again, right about now I think most Germans wish they had a Tea party. Who may have slowed down that green train wreck by calling BS to all these subsidies that create HIGHER & HIGHER energy costs

  2. philips66 says:

    And as you hear the mainstream media and d-baggers demonizing our tea party over and over again, think about this. There is no “Tea party” in a political sense. We are just thousands of every day common sense family people, brought together by simple philosophies, like a balanced budget. We understand that we are taxed enough already. With 17 trillion in debt, we understand that the problem is that the gov’t beast has metastasized to the point where our founding fathers would’t even recognize it. This gov’t isn’t what they designed it to be. This country is on the path to total failure as the takers start to outnumber the workers. Time to fire all of the career politicians, no matter what letter is next to their name!

  3. Many thanks PHILIPS66 and Bore Head!

    Fishermen, we have so much to talk about here on where our country is heading, and as much as we are now hearing, about the death spiral due to an flux of people going into Medicaid now occurring with the fraud known as OBAMACARE…. the ramifications to our country and our economy will be devastating.

    As you noted, the OPERATING DEBT “on the books” is now over 17 trillion dollars. Service on that debt which is payments made to the countries loaning us this money, continues to grow. Overall unfunded liabilities, benefits and obligations has been reported to pass the 90 trillion dollar mark. It was also reported in a Wall St. Journal story from 2012:

    “But it is possible to discover them. Included in the annual Medicare Trustees’ report are separate actuarial estimates of the unfunded liability for Medicare:

    Part A (the hospital portion),
    Part B (medical insurance) and
    Part D (prescription drug coverage)”

    As of the most recent Trustees’ report in April, the net present value of the unfunded liability of Medicare was $42.8 trillion.”

    From: ‘Cox and Archer: Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt

    Hiding the government’s liabilities from the public makes it seem that we can tax our way out of mounting deficits. We can’t.’

    As Philips pointed out in his second post, “This country is on the path to total failure as the takers start to outnumber the workers.”

    Those who are working and who have private insurance are being shell-shocked by the premium rate increases they see with the Obama-Exchanges, compounded by rising co-payments and worse, much higher deductibles. Add this drain to and on consumer income, now combined with yearly rising state and city property taxes, rising energy costs, rising costs on insuring home and your vehicles, loans and credit card payments, and add this on top of the rising cost of feeding yourself and your family. As a result, disposable income, shrinks, and purchasing of various essential and non-essential consumer goods, retracts to the point to negatively effect the growth in the economy (and tax receipt collection to local and state governments) and worse, less employment opportunities especially for those young people trying to enter the work force out of college.

    Those in the workforce are being squeezed, and those takers, representative of the OWS crowd and their Democratic party enablers are growing at an ever faster rate, programs such as SNAP (EBT cards), SSD and welfare payments. Is this the “Hope & Change” that put Bathhouse Barry into the White House in 2008?

    One has to wonder, when is there going to be a little “tightening of the belt” of those who receive all of this government assistance as those who are in the workplace are having 50 percent of their paycheck going to pay various federal, state, city, county, social security taxes, etc? Why is it that Obummer, who harped endlessly on the campaign trail about expanding the middle class, has essentially been whipping them/us out since 2008 by taking more of their income and redistributing to the OWS and illegal aliens in our country?

    Fishermen, our lives and our standard of living are being radically negatively changed by the most ideologically extreme person to hold the highest political office in this nations history. It goes back to his inherent belief of the Cloward and Piven strategy, and his personal bible, ‘Rules for Radicals’ written by Saul Alinsky, and the influence of his mentor, the Marxist – Frank Marshall Davis, and most devastating, the Svengali influence of the ‘Iranian’ or now publicly known as the “NIGHT-STALKER”, who seems to be the main individual influencing Executive Office public policy, Valery Jarrett. (see the latest reference on this: General blames ‘Night Stalker’ for military purge

    At WND: ‘Says mysterious adviser’s influence on Obama now negatively affecting U.S. armed forces – General blames ‘Night Stalker’ for military purge’

    We all come to FISHERY NATION for the most up to date real-time fishing news, and please excuse me for hijacking this thread and topic, but the political optics is such that we must fix our nation first in changing the mindset of those in the Beltway, and in doing so, there will be greater influence by fishermen within the regulatory role that NOAA and NMFS plays in managing our fisheries.

    One last thing, go here to get an idea of the ‘Cloward and Piven strategy’ which as noted in this article at:

    ” ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’. The plan calls for the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions,”

    This was written in 1966…….aren’t we now living through this in 2013?

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