EDF’s Deputy regional director, N.E. Oceans program, Matt Mullin – Perveyor of Catch Share Porn

The Deputy Director writes a letter to the editor at the Gloucester Daily Times. In his letter he tries diverting the attention from the destruction Catch Shares has had on the New England fishing fleet, them proceeds to lecture about known issues that should be addressed, but I’ve heard nothing about rectification of these issues from EDF Letter: Catch shares are not behind fishery ‘disaster’ http://www.gloucestertimes.com/letters/x179000274/Letter-Catch-shares-are-not-behind-fishery-disaster

3 Responses to EDF’s Deputy regional director, N.E. Oceans program, Matt Mullin – Perveyor of Catch Share Porn

  1. borehead says:

    This letter will be followed by many variations by various ENGO shills with fancy titles. (I am not impressed!) Thats how they roll. One starts, and others follow at all the progressive sites where uninformed people will blame fishermen for all that is wrong in the world, including Bengazi.
    "It is irresponsible to pretend that federal regulations – not warming waters, not decreasing salinity, not dramatic changes in the predator/prey balance of our seas – are to blame for what is happening to stocks of groundfish."
    Wrong assumption about the regulation's Matty.
    Lets address the periphials tossed into the mix.
    There are higher water temps on record from the fifty's in New England.
    Ken Salizars Seek and Destroy of dams in New England are not having a positive effect on the Gulf of Maine, and about that predator/prey thing?
    When will you call for the seal hunt to begin, open season on dogfish, and condem the NESC for not including herring in the predator catagory?
    You can try to divert away from the catch share bullshit, but it ain't gonna work.

  2. philips66 says:

    I think they are realizing that we are so on to them, and our grass roots group just keeps getting larger!

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