Nat Geo Shill’s for Cape Wind. They don’t mention the impact on fisheries. They foolishly believe it’s an aesthetics issue!

By now, 130 turbines were supposed to be turning above the shallow area of Nantucket Sound known as Horseshoe Shoal. But nothing is there to capture the power of December’s winds, except perhaps for the wings of the long-tailed ducks that winter around Cape Cod. On this side of the Atlantic, Cape Wind’s most vocal opponents included the late Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy and his nephew, environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. From the opposite side of the political spectrum, billionaire businessman and Cape Cod denizen and yachtsman William Koch continues the battle, more@natgeowindshill  18:15

One Response to Nat Geo Shill’s for Cape Wind. They don’t mention the impact on fisheries. They foolishly believe it’s an aesthetics issue!

  1. Tina Jackson says:

    What about destruction of habitat?? What about high
    EMF fields toxic to fisheries and humans??? What
    about the magnets in every turbine that are more toxic
    than nuclear waste(every magnet made with Neodymium
    & Prosydium)?? What about having to run our coal
    fired and natural gas fired plants all day every day anyway because
    wind is inconsistent?? Look at California and the rolling
    blackouts they constantly deal with along with triple/quadruple
    electric rates that can be as high as a mortgage??
    What about bird deaths and how they cannot not be accounted
    for on land or off shore because something else
    comes along and eats it or it immediately sinks to the bottom??
    What about investigating tax-subsidized failures costing
    Americans billions and billions of dollars?? Tell these hedge-
    fund companies to put up their own money at their own
    risk and when it fails they lose , not citizens!!
    A lot more can be said and very complicated, but wind is not
    Green Energy. When you investigate as I have the truth is ugly
    but it is the truth. Wind is the biggest scam and
    more harmful to our environment than you would think.
    Plus the fisheries impact and destruction of fragile
    Ocean ecoSystems not worth what we as fishermen
    have lost with over regulation to bring almost every
    Stock in this country back to fruition and now we are going
    to let dirty turbines destroy that? Almost every country
    in Europe has stopped their wind initiatives because
    they don’t work and create zero jobs when you look at
    the trade off loss of jobs. Nat Geo better start looking
    at facts and not feel good political movements, like wind!!!

    Tina Jackson, President
    The American Alliance of
    Fishermen & their Communities

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