Sea scallops close to ‘sustainable’ MSC label ? Big ENGO deal. NOT!

MSC-LogoNEW BEDFORD — An international environmental group is a step away from declaring the Atlantic scallop fishery as “sustainable,” properly managed and in no immediate danger of overfishing..Seafood consultant Jim Kendall, a former scalloper, said he had mixed feelings about the ruling and the association with the council. He noted that the council is an environmental group that collects fees to obtain its seal. Kendall said it is questionable to pay often adversarial environmental groups for their approval, when “government regulations in the U.S. are the official seal of sustainability”. more@southcoasttoday  08:35

2 Responses to Sea scallops close to ‘sustainable’ MSC label ? Big ENGO deal. NOT!

  1. Fred says:

    I can’t believe there is talk of draggers being considered sustainable. Scallops themselves may be sustainable, but catching them is not sustainable to other species. MSC needs to redefine what it means by sustainable by considering the destructive force of the mechanism used to acquire the scallops.

  2. Dick Grachek says:

    Fred? Hmmm…is that Fred Krupp perhaps?

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