Women at sea cry ‘foul’ over weather gear fit

STONINGTON — For growing numbers of women in Maine’s commercial fisheries, the standard Grundens brand foul weather gear, or oil gear, is not cutting it. Commercial fisherman Genevieve Kurilec McDonald, a Bar Harbor native living in Stonington, is working on finding or creating another clothing option for herself and other fishing women. Read more@fenceviewer  11:47

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  1. Jim Kendall says:

    You should really think about going to “kickstarter.com” with this idea as a way to try & locate some funding sources. “Kickstarter.com” has been a huge source of funding support for I don’t know how many different ideas over the last couple of years.

    If you’re not familiar with it, It is an on-line site where you can put an idea or proposal out there for people to sign on to very much like investors (with varying amounts earning various perks). You have a stated goal that you feel you need to reach & once you do your project can become a reality.

    I’ve “invested or bought into” 3 or 4 ideas that really worked out well for the “inventors” & I got what was promised & I’ve been really satisfied. They actually raised much more than what was needed & at least several of them are now in business.

    NO, I do not have any interest what so ever in “Kickstarter.com”!

    Check it out & good luck!


  2. Genevieve Kurilec McDonald says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! Kickstarter has crossed my mind, I’m currently working on compiling the images in a photo-documentray or proposal of sorts.

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