READER’S CORNER: Dal tainted by fish-farm grant

A well-known operator of open-pen fish farms has been convicted on two counts of using illegal pesticides. Some of these pesticides are lethal to lobsters, and resulted in the deaths of several hundred pounds of crustaceans several years ago in New Brunswick. Studies have shown there may be a risk to human health from residual toxins from chemicals used in this industry. Strike one!  The same operator of a fish farm in Queens County knowingly and secretly grew 240,000 fish with infectious salmon anemia to maturity, transported them to their processing plant in New Brunswick and processed them for market just before they would have died of the disease. They sought and gained approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to distribute the fish to supermarkets in Canada without identification to distinguish them from other salmon. Strike two. Read more@chronicleherald  23:26

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