We’re working to change who manages our fisheries

council_fishing_headerThe 13 voting members of the SAFMC drive federal fishery management policy off the coasts of the Carolinas, Georgia and east Florida. They will decide whether fishermen have the following: Over 1,000 sq. miles of additional, scientifically unjustifiable no-fishing zones or Marine Protected Areas. Job killing “catch shares” schemes. Unnecessary, expensive and intrusive Vessel Monitoring Systems. A red snapper fishery closure that extends beyond the current four years. The two seats up for appointment in June,, Read more here  08:32

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    While we are working hard to get well-qualified, reasoned fishermen appointed to the SAFMC, you can count on the Environmental Defense Fund to lobby hard for candidates that will push for their radical agenda.

    EDF has poured money — over $200,000 — into pushing catch shares in the South Atlantic region through a surrogate group called the South Atlantic Fishermen’s Association, based in South Carolina.

    EDF had the political clout with the Obama administration to get two of SAFA’s board members appointed to the SAFMC last year, where they will be in a prime position to lead a vote to impose catch shares on fishermen.

    To be able to fund an effective campaign for fishing interests and against the EDF agenda of unnecessary and unjustifiable regulations that have no bearing on fishery sustainability, we need your financial support today!

    • It has been their stated goal (EDF), to work the system from within by putting their personel into positions on regional councils.

      Sally McGee, from EDF is an example here in New England. One only needs to look at the catch share plans and sector allocation scam in New England to see how wonderful their influence has worked on fisheries management.

      Resist at any and all cost!


    End Dumb Fishing management. With EDF in the drivers Seat we’re looking at fraudulent Eminent Domain. They are stealing the livelihood from the Wheel House and pushing the Profits to the Portfolios. There will come a time where evolution will revert back to survival of the fittest. Contracts and Currency will be better suited to clean up after a visit to the Head. Down with EDF and their dirty Handed backers that make their Fortunes by Outsourcing and Polluting other Countries. Their hands are not only filthy from Pollution they’re covered with Blood. While funding the demise of the Nations Fishing Industry.

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