Governor Deval Patrick calls for ‘immediate’ disbursement of fed fishing aid

Gov. “No Plan” Patrick

Gov. Deval Patrick personally made the case for state disbursement in an April 1 letter to U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, urging her to “disburse the funds immediately to the affected states so they may begin the important stakeholder outreach process and devise a plan best suited for each state to distribute the disaster funds.” Read more here GDT 14:32

5 Responses to Governor Deval Patrick calls for ‘immediate’ disbursement of fed fishing aid

  1. philips66 says:

    “begin the important stakeholder outreach process” Begin??? Did the winners (with the top secret email-only poll) get their heads out of their anus yet?

  2. John Rice says:

    Y’know….it’s straight up BS that only fed groundfishers get any $.
    What about the rest of us who are at a loss in other fisheries? A lot of these displaced groundfishermen are in fisheries that the rest of us have always been in, so they can make ends meet, which in turn is making it harder on us. So why don’t we all get a little $?

  3. - Moderator says:

    They are still working on the plan! The plan to spend $20 million tax payer dollars to buy out permit holders that lease out quota, and REDISTRIBUTE the ALLOCATION amongst THEMSELVES!!!

    I’m sure the coalition is doing everything it can to make Big Carlos and little Carlos of the North a lot richer, along with a few other strategic players.

    Carlos, the owner of combination scalloper/groundfish boats should get not one penny in groundfish money, nor any other scalloper/groundfish vessel.

    This citizen is absolutely opposed to any buy back program, of any kind, WITH THIS EXCEPTION.

    Buy out the TOO BIG to SAIL Carlos Rafael.

    Just like the Bell System years ago.


    I can hardly wait to see how they FUCK this up.

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