The need for real science in Magnuson by Carmine Gorga

If there are no fish at docks in Gloucester, it is not because there are no fish in the ocean.  It is because the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is virtually prohibiting fishermen to fish. The reason is that NOAA is expected by its empowering legislation, the Magnuson-Stevens Act, to prevent overfishing. But how can a dwindling family fishing fleet do the overfishing? Any open-minded observer is concluding that NOAA is applying an agenda-driven science. Read more here 14:29

3 Responses to The need for real science in Magnuson by Carmine Gorga

  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    A must read piece from Dr. Gorga.

    Classic line that should be be a bumper sticker:

    “There is no science supporting NOAA’s numbers. What we find is numerology. Pick a number, any number— with the additional Rule of the House, “If I like it.” If it fits NOAA’s ideology, that will be the quota set for the coming season.”

    • Moonset says:

      Norway did away with their version of NOAA and the fisheries came back. Fish stocks were found in abundance – apparently the cod were found living in enormous fjord. Both recreational fishermen fish alongside commercial fisherman on the same trip. Tourism up. Small cabin the boats remind me of the Mooonie tuna boats of the 1990s. I’m also wonder about predictions of Gloucester’s comeback

      Recreational and commercial fisherman can go out on the same trip. Salted cod is a boom now selling in old fashioned wooden boxes for retail. Retro is back. Retro fish!

      Comments Carmine?

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    We need a return of the “SPIRIT of the 1976 MAGNUSON FISHERIES ACT” let’s start a return to “TRADITION”… “T.O.O.P.” must be rolled back. Congress needs to address this right away…

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