Is Millstone power plant killing lobsters in the Sound?

Each day, some two billion gallons of water are pumped from Long Island Sound into the Millstone Power Station in Waterford, Conn. — that state’s only nuclear power plant- and used to help cool systems and support the station’s two operating reactors. Read the rest here 07:42

One Response to Is Millstone power plant killing lobsters in the Sound?

  1. Edward Everich says:

    The “thermal pollution” is only the “tip of the iceberg”.
    Several other issues should addressed as well to get a better feel for the overall impact of this facility.
    What is the method used to clean the open portion of the cooling system and does it include the use of chemicals and if so what are the amounts discharged into the waters of Long Island Sound ?
    In addition to the daily “thermal pollution” this facility has also become a storage site for spent fuel.
    At what percentage of output capacity does this facility operate and what is the actual average contribution to the Southern New England power requirement ?
    Does the positive aspect of this facility really provide enough to overshadow the negative ?

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