CODFISH IN GULF OF MAINE – Sam Novello, Gulf of Maine Fisherman

thCAJ773GXMy family  has been  fishing the GULF OF MAINE,since 1920  to  present  times . My grandfather  and  father  always  told  me ,the  GULF OF  MAINE  HAS  VAST  CODFISH  LESS AREAS!!  I  have fished  this  area  most of  my life and  agree  with them . Noaa  ,when they do their  surveys  , it seems, they  always  pick  codfish dead  areas. , the  GULF OF MAINE  IS  MORE  COMPLEX  THEN  MOST AREAS  SURVEYED BY NOAA  BECAUSE  OF    TOPOGRAPHICAL  FEATURES  OF  GULF OF  MAINE.Lots  of  valleys and peaks. Codfish  fellow  contours  and   depths , where  Noaa  goes in a straight line. So, all  GULF  OF MAINE  FISHERMEN SHOULD  HAVE a  SAY  WHERE NOAA  SURVEY TOWS  ARE  MADE  IN  THE   FUTURE!!!!! SAM  NOVELLO, GULF  OF  MAINE   FISHERMAN 12:32

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