Aleutian Islands Nominated as National Marine Sanctuary

The waters around the Aleutian Islands support a dizzying range of wildlife — and major industries right along with it. Right now, the government’s job is to help find a balance. But as KUCB’s Lauren Rosenthal reports, there’s a new campaign to permanently tip the scales toward conservation in the Aleutian Chain. Read the rest here NOMINATION OF ALEUTIAN ISLANDS NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY … Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility … nominated for National Marine Sanctuary pfd here …17:19

2 Responses to Aleutian Islands Nominated as National Marine Sanctuary

  1. 6 x 19 says:

    Politics trumping science, and the muddling of agendas in between…

    Let’s talk about carbon taxing those darn draggers too! Make ’em drive around for days searching for the fish that they’re not going to be allowed to harvest…

    Surprised that the NGOs don’t have some caveat established for the creation of an artisinal pollock fishery…

    To hell with economic efficiency!

    Gotta love it!

    I can see it now: “Tour the Aleutians and see the magnificent Stellar Sea Lions on board our green tour boat; powered by farts and hypocrisy!”.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    R.C.I. I can’t tell if it’s a Disease or the “NEW FASHION” although it’s been around for a SIGNIFICANT FRACTION of the time I’ve been alive. R.C.I. if you don’t recognize the ACRONYM it’s how the GREEN REGIME views CONSERVATION NEEDS, Through “RECTAL CRANIAL INVERSION”!!!

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