NOAA science attacked at forum

130307_GT_ABO_BULLARD_1As expected, Friday’s public hearing on the state of the region’s commercial fishing industry wasn’t exactly laden with magic solutions for reversing the fortunes of the beleaguered industry. Bullard largely defended NOAA’s ability to assemble the best available science,,,But when Fisheries Commission member Al Cottone,  asked him if he felt confident that he was receiving the best available science to serve as the basis for his policy decisions, Bullard conceded that it’s not perfect. “There’s always uncertainty with the science,” Bullard said. “But the science coming out of Woods Hole is really good science.” Read the rest here 09:02

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    I don’t know John you appear to be too comfortable with the inadequacies of the Science. I’d call that complacent at BEST… If they shifted the decimal point one number to the left of your Paycheck I bet you’d be all over that…

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