NOAA laments loss of Democratic senator in Magnuson reform – What NOAA? POLITICS NOT YOUR PLACE!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told Fortune magazine in an article detailing the history of and turmoil around the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act that “it remains unclear if the administration will put forward a reauthorization bill” after Begich’s defeat. “It is reasonable to assume that the recent election, including the loss of Senator , has added uncertainty to the process,” NOAA said in a statement to Fortune. Read the rest here 17:38

6 Responses to NOAA laments loss of Democratic senator in Magnuson reform – What NOAA? POLITICS NOT YOUR PLACE!

  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Classic Bore Head! These next two years until the next presidential election cannot come fast enough.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    I for one fish Commercially and for the fun of it or Table fare. The Recreational side has to realize that “O” has stolen ALL AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY. So quite simply why do you think he would play nice with others and share with them, while he is gridding-off and leasing what was once ALL AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY. Face it PEOPLE it doesn’t matter if it’s your occupation or past-time, we are all in the same BOAT, i.e. there is no room for either of us when the AGENDA is to PRIVATIZE…

    • Ec Newell Man says:

      Striped Bass Hole….correct….and a close top commercial fishing buddy of mine said to me a while back, “they have plans for the oceans…bigger plans then fishing.” He is out of business now, for years, and was pretty disgusted at the end….”couldn’t fish in peace.”

      Now that was way before there was any talk about green energy, wind mills on the water and fishermen chatter on the docks about some scheme called ‘Catch Shares.’

      It’s a resource, and the government being the money sucking thieves they are, are going about thinning the fishing fleet, no matter if it’s a small boat commercial guy or recreational fishermen.

      It’s about the money and making money for government, and that is their template with all this “ocean planning.”

  3. Michael Brooks says:

    NOAA has swallowed the communist/green theology. They claim there is a shortage of red snapper. So try bottom fishing in the panhandle? All you catch is “red snapper”. Idiots. This is why we don’t trust our govt.

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