Editorial: Ultimate betrayal of fishermen-Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, Kentucky Republican Rep. Hal Rogers


pcohanThat’s right, these clueless congressmen — while understandably questioning whether fishermen’s disaster aid is appropriate within a bill providing relief to victims of Superstorm Sandy — believe it’s just fine for the bill to include $261 million for NOAA projects to promote so-called “ocean zoning” or marine spacial planning and for NOAA’s development of new weather satellites and other hi-tech equipment. Yet any ocean zoning scheme would almost certainly bring more closed fishing areas and further devastate the industry. Read more

Tierney presses to restore fishing aid

“Funds for these programs could be provided in the months ahead through the annual appropriations process,” said in an email to the Times. “Right now, it is more urgent for Congress to help our fishing community in Massachusetts and the other affected states.” Read more

2nd Mass. lawmaker to push for fishermen aid

Rep. Bill Keating says he’ll propose lawmakers redirect $111 million in a Superstorm Sandy relief bill from a weather satellite program to fishermen from the Northeast, Gulf Coast and Alaska. Read more

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