Rising tide of America’s sustainable seafood by Ray Hilborn

This year marks 40 years since the passage of landmark Congressional legislation that fundamentally overhauled how the $90 billion U.S. commercial fisheries industry is managed. It established a unique public-private partnership in which the industry, working with scientists and both federal and local authorities, would regulate fishing according to agreed-upon scientific standards for environmental sustainability, even as the industry stretched to meet skyrocketing demand for seafood. Read the rest here 17:19

One Response to Rising tide of America’s sustainable seafood by Ray Hilborn

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    First, it eliminated foreign fleets from a 200-mile exclusive economic zone, reserving these waters for U.S. vessels alone.
    Yes this is correct. But in their place we have bureaucrats and smothering agencies with even more smothering regulations. Now in America we import 93% of the seafood we consume. Most from countries who practice little or no conservation whatsoever.
    This is supposed to be a success story? I think not.
    Frankly I’d rather deal with the foreign fleets.

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