Treasured gift gone: Woman loses MMPA prohibited seal skin purse at border

Nora Fitzgerald always liked the attention her seal skin purse garnered, but not the kind it drew at a United States border crossing. Fitzgerald had no idea seal skin products were prohibited from being taken into the United States. Their crossing was going rather routine until a female agent asked about her purse. She said she was told seal is an endangered species, and fur products were not to be taken across the border. Read the rest here 17:43

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Once again “TRADITION” comes under attack. What the FUCK is wrong with People? Will you finally be “HAPPY” when “FREEDOM” ends? Do I see a “FEMA CAMP” in the distance or are “MY EYES FAILING” and it’s right in front of me?

    • R Best says:


      • StripedBassHole says:

        Here’s a hint. What has happened to All Americans Common Property? If you investigate we have LOST a significant portion of “OUR COMMON PROPERTY” via “The Obama Ocean Policy” an Executive decision not a Congressional Mandate. Our Waters are no longer “OUR WATERS” now. It started out as a House Bill H.R. 3534 “The CLOSED Act” where it failed. America went on the Oprah Diet and LOST ALL it’s WATER WEIGHT… America now is from Sea to Shining Sea with some MAJOR GAPS in between. The “WATERS” are no longer “OUR COMMON PROPERTY”. If “THE LAW OF THE SEAS TREATY” is adopted we lose our SOVEREIGNTY of these AREAS too, Do you enjoy your freedom in a DEMOCRACY or would you rather live in a SOCIALIST SOCIETY? This is not a Conspiracy Theory, we are already in transition unless “ALL AMERICANS” wake up. We need a return to by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE or this will SNOW BALL… I don’t mean to be harsh. We just need to stop this progression before it is too late. It has become more then just the HAND WRITING on the WALL.
        Call me a Nut, The general Population has been shielded from this REALITY…

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