The future of our children’s ocean

kyle wetleThis is our son Kyle. Kyle has spent most of his young life battling cancer. For many years, we were told he had no future. His battles have been long and merciless, but after nine years, he is finally winning this war. He now officially has a future, and to us, it is nothing short of a miracle. Could you imagine living nine years not knowing if your child would live through the next 24 hours? As his parents, his care and his new life are everything to us.,, We are commercial fishermen. We are generations of fishing families. Read the rest here 10:48

3 Responses to The future of our children’s ocean

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Excellent Job, BEST of LUCK, and GOD BLESS…

  2. United we stand,divided we beg says:

    Spot on!!!!! Great job!!! Sending prayers for continued health and success from a Maine Fishing family!!!!

    • StripedBassHole says:

      Right on!!! Let’s have OUR VOICES HEARD… We need more People to speak up… Lets make WAVES the NATION can SEA!!!

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