Russian trawler’s demise spurs questions from U.S. competitors.

MSC-LogoSeattle-based pollock producers say the sinking of a Russian trawler with dozens of fatalities earlier this month raises disturbing questions about a Sea of Okhotsk fishery that has a sustainable fishing certification through the Marine Stewardship Council. Russian criminal investigators are looking into allegations that the ship, called Dalny Vostok, had numerous safety violations and went to sea with illegal crew from Myanmar who lacked work permits. It sank April 1, leaving 65 dead and 12 missing among its crew of 132, according to reports,,, Read the rest here 10:35

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    In Alaska, the fleet’s entire pollock harvest is monitored by observers who report their findings to the federal government. In Russia, there is far less observer coverage of the pollock fleets.

    Good for the Russians. In Russia they use their spies to watch our military and government officials. In the US. we use our spies/observers to watch our fishermen. What a scam. Wonderful cash cow for former regional administrators though. It’s out of control folks. #stopthemadness

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