By road, lake and river: Part II – From the braids of the Kvichak to shores of Bristol Bay – Molly Dischner

Homer-based drift gillnet boats the  through a braided stretch of the Kvichak River on June 17.Editor’s note: This is the second of two parts (part 1 here) in reporter Molly Dischner’s journey with a Homer fishing family to Bristol Bay on the eve of sockeye season. About 8 a.m. on June 17, a sportfishing guide tied his skiff to the F/V Eagle Claw and hopped onboard to join our motley crew. It was the final day of our five-day trip from Homer to Naknek via the Williamsport Road. Skipper Louie Flora, his daughter Sidney and brother Jonathan were headed to fish the east side of Bristol Bay. Soon-to-be west side setnetter Joey Kraszeski and I were just along for the ride. Read the rest here 18:23

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