Next Year Will Be Awful Or Very Awful For Fluke Fisherman

Unless regulators provide a less abrupt alternative, the amount of fluke caught by Fluke Summer Flounder could be nearly cut in half by next year — a sudden drop that might seriously wound the charter fishing fleet in Sheepshead Bay. Captain Anthony DiLernia, one of New York’s representatives in the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, said lower-than-expected fluke stocks found during the fish population surveys will require slashing quotas by as much as 45 percent next season. However, DiLernia said the council is considering,,, Read the rest here 12:19

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    “Spreading the cuts over 3 years… essence a loan which would mean an approximate +- 75% cut in the fluke allocation over that time period”…instead of a one shot hit of 45 or so %?”

    So essentially what Tony is proposing at least for the for-hire and recreational sub-sectors will be barely a 2 fish limit at possibly 20 or more inches and maybe a 3 month season…. is that now within the realm of possibility of a 3/4 cut in the allocation?

    I just don’t know how fishing businesses make it in this industry anymore…I really don’t.

    When will the people in this country say enough is enough?

  2. James Catfish says:

    Don’t forget by 2018, we will get a 20 percent reduction in the scup quota as well….Scup is 250 percent rebuilt. we had a slight downturn in the ssb and boom we get cut..Yet as tony D says , we pay a tax when we over harvest and spread out the reduction, yet ,with scup we under harvested by 25 percent and we still get slashed. The upcoming scup regulations clearly show the agenda of the service. Even the mid atlantic council has no mechanisms in place to deal with a stock that is completely rebuilt..All they know how to do is cut back!!!
    We should not even be considering any adjustments to fisheries management plans until the trawl advisory panel gets all the dysfunction out of the survey. WE NEED SCIENCE WE CAN COUNT ON.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      We need to promote civil disobedience. That is the only thing that works in America anymore. Just ask the folks in Baltimore.
      When injustice becomes law. Rebellion becomes duty. Wake up people!

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